Our Philosophy

Our Food Philosophy at Local-Your Healthy Kitchen is all about a healthy, balanced approach to eating. We work everyday to create and offer dishes that are high in nutritional value but still tasty as ever.
We welcome everyone that is looking for a diet rich in top quality and fresh ingredients even if restricted by dietary options. Is a dairy free or wheat free diet the best for you? That ́s ok, you will find plenty of dishes that will fulfill your needs and entice you to come back and try them all.
What we aim is to gather all under the same roof. Vegans with fish lovers and food lovers with experienced dieters. But there are some choices we have made and we stick to them: no processed foods are allowed in our kitchens; refined sugars are banned (and if you try our delicious desserts you will find out why we don ́t even miss them). We work with local producers and farmers. We make all of our dressings, all of our desserts and take great care in each and every dish. Balance is our motto as we like to include in your meal high fiber and complex carbohydrates along with your portion of protein; and we never tire of all the wonderful vegetables and fruits that nature has to offer. Cooking them with unsaturated and healthy oils to preserve their vitamins and flavor is paramount; combining them in new and innovative ways is our passion.